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Why LP Creation?
Gain more than just a landing page
We work in a small, flexible and, most importantly, experienced team. Each project is carried out by the assigned people from the beginning to the end, thanks to which you are guaranteed that once established assumptions will not be overlooked or changed.
During the implementation of the project, you can always contact the same people. Therefore you can save time and avoid the Chinese whispers effect by talking directly to the specialist responsible for your case.
we focus on your needs
We are a group of experienced experts. We designed over 1,500 landing pages, over 3,000 mailings and over 10,000 banners - we quickly focus on your expectations and goals to achieve them together.
We never refuse to cooperate. Even if the project’s deadline is "yesterday". We know that running a business sometimes requires to look from a wider perspective. We know that you deal with unpredictable situations. That’s why we are there for you. We do everything We do everything it takes to complete the task as soon as possible.
We know well about our clients’ goals – one of them is to get as many good-quality leads as possible. That’s why it is crucial to treat every project individually. We arrange the content and all the graphic elements thoughtfully - nothing happens by accident. Such an approach ensures that our creations are effective and memorable.
You can rely on us. We provide help and support at every stage of cooperation. We don’t hesitate to share our experience with clients because we know that your success is our success too.
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10 000+
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Why our landing pages are better than those you can make on your own?
Our projects are implemented by professionals who have over 13 years of experience in online advertising.
We adjust content effectively.
We know how to put everything together to get the landing page that provides as many valuable leads as possible.
LP Creation is a group of UX design experts – we use our knowledge and experience so that your landing is even more effective.
You have our support at every stage of our cooperation – the aim is to provide you with the best solutions.
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Why do I need landing pages?
Here are some examples of how to use it
Boosting sales is the main reason for using a landing page. It’s a good tool to inform your clients about a new product, sales and discounts. Thanks to a well-presented offer, you can quickly encourage the customer to make a purchase (e.g. a dedicated landing page for a Valentine's Day offer or a page presenting sale goods).
Would you like to promote your new product or service? We create customized landing pages for such events. It’s a common tool when you want to launch new products and the customers want to buy them before an official premiere or when they simply want to be informed about placing them on the market. This way you can easily build a customer base, check the interest in your offer and improve brand awareness.
In fact, most of the above-mentioned solutions regarding the landing pages also help to build databases. What you need is to display a form on your website so the customers can give you their email addresses. In order to encourage them, you can offer, for example, a discount coupon for shopping, a free e-book or a newsletter containing interesting tips.
Landing page can present your company's offer in a simple and transparent way. All the most important and valuable information about the advantages of a product or service, its application or price, can be found on one page, in one place, without the necessity to search through multiple tabs.
Landing page is a good option when you want to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website or an online store. Thanks to the proper, unique and interesting content and linking, the position of your website in the search results may be substantially increased.
A cleverly designed landing pages, reaching their target group, the ones that arouse interest, raise smiles and bring up some specific information usually quickly go viral and are sent from one user to another. You just need to include the right elements and content to enable their quick transfer via social media.
An effective landing page is an excellent tool to attract new customers, especially if you run advertising campaigns on the Internet. This way you can redirect the campaigns to your landing page where there is a contact form (placed earlier) which allows to create a new account in your store.
Landing page is also suitable for conducting simple competitions, such as answering a short question. Then, you reward some of the most interesting answers with the discount coupons that can be used in your store.
Are you curious what your customers think about your services? Use a landing page! Put a special form on the website and ask your clients to share their opinions and feelings so that you can constantly improve your offer.
Use your landing page if you want to attract attention to the event you’re planning. Thanks to the website, your customers will not only find out about it earlier but they will also be able to register in advance.
If you run an online store and want to effectively inform your customers about certain events (e.g. seasonal sales), a landing page is the best solution. You can instantly redirect customers to a specific place on your website. This way, they are more likely to do the shopping because they get the offer they want right from the start instead of browsing and going through the entire store.
What do they say about us?
LP Creation knows how to combine practical knowledge of creating digital solutions with graphic design. They do not take shortcuts but expect primarily from themselves. They are extremely effective when it comes to the implementation of commissioned projects. Working with them inspires to look for the new solutions in a digital world that requires being up to date all the time. With LP Creation it is easier to meet these expectations and implement bold, effective and unconventional projects.
Anna Rogowska
Product Manager | Pierre Fabre Medicament Polska
We are very pleased not only with the final effect, but also with the entire cooperation with LP Creation which has worked on the landing page project for us. It is a reliable and trustworthy business partner. The project has been conducted professionally and on time. I can fully recommend the services of LP Creation.
Co-founder | WOODLARK
We have been cooperating with LP Creation since 2018. They helped us implement landing pages, banners and mailings. All their designs are always sharp, precise and, above all, effective. They pay great attention to the details. But what we value most about LP Creation is good contact and quick response to our needs.
Beata Walczyna-Szydełko
LP Creation? It’s a guarantee of satisfaction. Our needs and expectations are always fulfilled and the ideas are carefully listened. We value the great contact and immediate response to our requests. We are satisfied with the conducted implementation and we recommend LP Creation to anyone who is looking for professional help in promoting their presence on the Internet.
Member of the Board | Jak Sprzedawać Fotowoltaikę
LP Creation helped us with creating a professional landing page. We enjoyed the cooperation from the very beginning. Our requests and suggestions were included. The whole project completely met our expectations. The page is modern and functional. Thanks again! This is certainly not the last time of us working together.
Dominik Jańczak
The whole LP Creation team are professionals who really know what they are doing. The cooperation runs smoothly and very efficiently and its effect, i.e. landing page, is very aesthetic, responsive and optimized to the expectations of a potential customer. The team has also proven itself in a crisis situation, in which it reacted immediately, although theoretically its members were already after working hours. I sincerely recommend!
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